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Guided nature and bird walk

 April 18th 10am – 12pm

and May 17th 9am – 11am, 


These guided walks will be run by Theo Tramblinas who is passionate about nature and wildlife and has huge knowledge in ecology and practical habitat management, you will have the opportunity to observe and find out more about the fauna and flora with which we share our surroundings and have a chance to go beyond the garden boundaries into the woods at Ramster to explore the woodland. 


If you would like to join us for a guided Nature and Bird walk do get in touch to make a booking as many of our feathered summer visitors will be on their way, soon!


Cost £22.00 / head, children are welcome but only if accompanied by an adult. 

2020 DATES


Our garden is closed until the Spring.  We open again on 28th March.

  Don't miss out on our renowned display of rhodendrons and azaleas, and our carpets of daffodils and bluebells.

Autumn opening dates 2nd October - 1st November 2020


Christmas Trees at Ramster

A stunning selection of premium Christmas Trees are available at Ramster Teahouse in December.



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We will not bombard you emails, but will ensure you are notified and sent a reminder when our gardens open to the public.


Become a member in 2020 with a season ticket.

Valid for twelve months allowing as many visits to the garden as you like. 

Individual season tickets £25.00, or for a couple two adults £50.00. 

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