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Markup Assist is also compatible with more than 60 design applications including Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Illustrator.New Push and Drag functions:Use the new “Push” and “Drag” features for more versatile path drawing and repositioning. Get the most out of your paths with these new “powerful” tools. (video: 6:58 min.)New Custom Time Formatting:Automate your designs with new AutoCAD customization options. Add the ability to format hours, minutes, and seconds in time to your drawings. Use custom time settings for different jobs, such as night or weekend shift. (video: 2:46 min.)New Custom Pivot Point:Get more flexibility in your applications with a new variable custom pivot point. Specify a custom pivot point as a variable, and use it in your drawings with greater control. (video: 2:31 min.)New Primitive Shapes in Polygonal Drawing:Draw and edit simple shapes with new Primitive Shapes (line, circle, and square).Create custom user parameters in a drawing. Use a user parameter to set default values for a drawing, and enable users to customize their settings.Align commands:Create and edit polar alignments and distances in your drawings, including angles, center, and angle (or angles) relative to the origin.New Dimension Properties:Now you can specify custom measurement values for multiple dimensions in a drawing.Advanced Tools:No longer dependent on a default ink-jet printer.Improvements to the AutoCAD User Interface:• New “bottom tabs” to make it easier to navigate between the ribbon, toolbars, status bar, and menubar.• New Quick Launch feature for popular menus and commands.• A new “Apply” button will allow you to quickly edit one or more files without saving your drawing.• A new “Jump to” button will allow you to return to the previous workspace from the current one.• The Windows 8 and Windows 7 themes are now available to customize.• The tablet “bottom tabs” now default to the docking pad mode, making it easier to drag and drop items.• Improved color display in the 2be273e24d


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