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Meet the Gardener - Part One

This is the first of a two part series where we introduce the gardening team behind the beautiful Ramster Gardens. The team of two have a huge task managing the 20 acres of gardens & woodland.

Here we chat to Rama about what's happening in the garden this year, his highlights, and whether he feels like picking up a trowel when he gets home after a day gardening!

What new developments are going on in the garden this year?

This year we have a number of projects being implemented through the garden that should add additional interest for visitors to Ramster. Some of these include renovating a few older areas of the garden that have been cleared over the winter months after they were getting a bit too overgrown and shading out nearby plants. These areas have now been seeded over with grass and are ready to be replanted with new choice selections and some rarer plants that are often seldom seen. Hopefully adding some fresh excitement to these areas.

Another major project is relabelling the plant collection here at Ramster with new sturdy aluminium labels that will allow us to display additional information about each plant in the garden, as well as keeping more accurate records to help us better manage the collection.

So what are you looking forward to most this year?

What I'm really looking forward to is the carpet of bluebells that appears throughout garden in May, but especially within the Magnolia Glade. This is where we have a number of original Japanese ornamental lanterns sitting under stunning magnolia trees. The whole feel of this area is like a little slice of Asia in deepest Surrey - love it!

What is your favourite area of Ramster Gardens?

My favourite area is difficult to name as it almost changes each month as various plantings come into bloom, or a new vista opens up highlighting a stunning view across the garden.

But if I had to name one, it would have to be sheltering in the Grouse Hole, looking across the pond. It doesn't matter what time of year or weather. The view always draws me back!

After working all day at Ramster, do you feel like doing any gardening at home?

Yes, definitely. I've just completed my first year at Ramster, but I'm already getting stuck into my garden at home. I'm starting some basic vegetables such as courgettes, tomatoes and 'cut and come again' salads. But it's also an extended workspace, allowing me to play with seasonal planting schemes & ideas on a small scale. Good gardening is all about planning, so I'm able to see what works and what doesn't in my own little patch before planting out for real in the wider garden and event spaces.

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