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'Meet the Gardener' - Part Two

Head Gardener Stephen Blackman

The second interview in our 'Meet the Gardener' series, is with our Head Gardener Stephen Blackman. Here he talks about life as a gardener and his highlights in the gardens.

How long have you worked at Ramster Gardens?

A long time! I think it's long over 20 years!

What is your favourite part of the garden?

My favourite part of the garden is the Bog garden although it has changed over the years and is still not finished I love the far end of the garden.

What is your favourite time of year in the garden?

Favourite time of the year in the garden is the Autumn. It is full of amazing colours as the trees and shrubs close down for winter.

Which annual jobs do you dread coming round?

Even though Autumn is my favourite time of year the job I dread the most is picking up all those leaves. Although it has got easier than when I started here. In those days I did the whole garden with a rake which took me 3 1/2 months and now with better blowers and a picker up it takes just over 1 month.

What do you think are the best or worst parts of being a gardener?

Best part of being a gardener is working with nature and its nice to know you will leave your mark on this planet for a short period.

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