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What's in bloom this week: 15th May

This week sees the garden move into its Mid-Spring phase, with our deciduous azalea collection entering peak boom. These are made up from the best best azalea hybrids from Exbury and Knaphill, as well as Ghent in Belgium. Many of these are highly scented, creating pockets of fragrance throughout the garden.

The Azalea Garden is at peak bloom this week. Look out for the Hyde Bed, our collection of Hyde Azaleas that are looking stunning!

Our Rhododendron Loderi collection is still a showstopper, with large pink and white blooms, pumping out heavy fragrance. Catch these while you can, an absolute must see!

The Hardy Hybrid collection in Ant Wood is looking fantastic right now, it's definitely worth the extra walk to reach this excellent collection, known for their exceptional tolerance to extreme cold. The best form of these, Rhododendron 'Cynthia' is one of Ramster's signature plants, and its dazzling pink blooms can be spotted easily on the drive and from plantings across the garden!

Our garden is open until 10th June from 10am - 5pm everyday. For more information about visiting our gardens, visit our visitor information page.

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