Spring Opening 2022

We are delighted to be open again, we had a good deal of trees and mess to clear after the storm although the damage could have been worse, a branch though the teahouse, our beautiful old acer by the summer garden, many chestnuts up in Ant wood, several oaks and a lot of branches and debris! We lost our biggest tree – a magnificent Abies Grandis – the 2nd biggest tree in Surrey so the woodland walk section by the house remains closed until we can do some clearing. Ant wood is open but as you will see there is a lot of work still to do there!

At the moment the daffodils are taking centre stage, camellias are out, our magnolia has been quite slow to come out (for which we are grateful after a recent frost), Corylopsis paucifloraon the main entrance path, primroses, Blossoms, Hellebores, Snake's head fritillary are all making a show worth visiting, the garden is changing daily and more is coming every day.

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