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Ramster Garden
Season Ticket

Ramster Garden has a loyal following of season ticket holders who renew each year to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the garden. Whether you are looking for a safe place to walk regularly, enjoy seeing the garden as it transitions through the seasons, or would like to meet like-minded people, Ramster Garden provides a perfect sanctuary.


Our Garden Season Ticket not only allows for repeated visits throughout the spring, summer and autumn to witness the garden’s transition from the vibrant spring blooms to the rich, golden tones of autumn, but it also offers a sense of community among fellow nature and garden lovers. For many, it becomes a part of their routine, a chance to unwind and connect with the environment. 


Buy a Ramster Garden season ticket as a gift


A Ramster Garden Season Ticket makes an ideal gift for a loved one or friend. A Ramster Card and voucher for membership can be sent through the post. This thoughtful gift allows the recipient to enjoy the beauty of the garden and countless peaceful walks.


How to buy a Ramster Garden Season Ticket

To buy your season ticket please come to the teahouse

Single: £38.00 Joint: £76.00

Children over five can be added to a season ticket for £10 each.


Terms and Conditions 

Joint ticket = two named adults (18 years +) living at the same address. Season tickets are named and non-transferable and are valid until the end of the year they are bought.

Ramster Garden lake in autumn
Ramster Garden Embroidery and Textiles Event

Our Events

Season Tickets holders can enjoy free entry to our Surrey Sculpture Exhibition and Plant Fair 

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